Suburban Boredom At It’s Finest

Such a clever Type in Motion piece and one of the more advanced ones that I’ve looked at. I’ve talked a lot about getting basic principles to work before jumping into more advanced forms of type in motion. I just love this video because it’s complicated and IT WORKS. There are tones of different typefaces, but they all have a purpose and effects although many are used for a REASON. They typefaces all mimic big box stores and familiar brand names, which is perfect for the subject matter because it’s about a couple who just go to live this boring suburban life. Letting consumerism and commercialism take over and playing off pop culture keeps the very busy video familiar and easy to follow. The viewer recognizes half the images already so we’re not processing new information. It just makes things much more interesting by using the same typefaces as the brands that he’s singing about in the music.

Adding in backgrounds can also be a BIG challenge especially working with so many styles of type and textures as you have in this video. Again, he’s done it in a very clever way. As well, he uses the background to create secondary imagery and animations turning the type on it’s own into other things such as a freeway sign rather than just free standing type. (0:09)

The Camera angles and motions are all very intuitive and work well with the beat of the music and the timing of the lyrics. Not easy to achieve. (0:06)

Two of my favourite sequences are at (0:13) and (0:21) simply because they are intuitive and the camera works at the right speed with the music to still be able to follow along. As well as the cropping and angles work really well.

The best part of the video in my opinion is the chorus, just because the animation and the type all work really well together with the timing of the music. Also the background, with the details of the coffee stain on the paper as if the husband was working away in the garage is just such a great detail. I think it’s also great that he repeats the sequence because there is a lot going on and it really let’s you appreciate all the interesting things that are happening in his video.

I just love it, possible my most favourite Type Video yet!

Shop Vac

Shop Vac

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Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 9.45.45 PM

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Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 9.48.04 PM


Now that’s Infotainment!

As you can probably tell by now, I am really interested in online video and motion graphics. I find it such a great way to educate people. It takes the best of entertainment: television and film and marries that with education and really cool new technologies and effects. I find it so fascinating and creative all at once.

One of the first ever motion graphic videos I was introduced to during my graphic design education was the story of stuff. I still think the video did such a great job of taking a very complex subject and laying it out for people step by step. Some may think it’s preachy, but I find it not too much so. I think that it does a great job of showing people from extraction through to sale, use and disposal, how ALLLLL the STUFF in our lives affects communities here and abroad. Because this topic is controversial and it also makes us question our own ethics, people don’t like to discuss it. However, this video has been watch over 2 million times on YouTube alone. So people must be listening…

The Story of Stuff Project

The Story of Stuff Project

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Another Great Motion Graphic Video

I hope that you like my previous blog about the video: Man by Steve Cutts. He also has another video that he has done in a similar style to the Man video. It’s also has a great message done in the same humorous tone. The subject matter is not as “harsh” but it still makes the viewer stop and examine their life similar to the way that the Man video does.

I hope you enjoy this one as well.

In the Fall by Steve Cutts

In the Fall by Steve Cutts

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No Words to Explain a Great Idea.

I came across this video the other day and I just think it’s fantastic. It’s a video by Illustrator Steve Cutts. It’s a Flash and After Effects animation looking at mans relationship with the natural world. The topic is very contentious, but the illustrator does an amazing job of making a much serious topic, entertaining while still getting his point across through humour. When trying to communicate, it’s a matter of being able to communicate a complex idea or message and making it simple and effective enough for people to want to listen and take notice. Though the video may offend some people, it’s hard to argue with the overarching message.

I also find that the style is very effective in drawing you into the story. It’s a little simplistic and crass, like the way we have behaved in regards to this subject. He does a really good job of the design style as well. The shot sequence and the way you follow the character like your on a journey with him is very smart.

I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did!

Man by Steve Cutts

Man by Steve Cutts

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Interactive Education

Giving new meaning to the word DEMOCRACY, decided to take matters into their own hands. The creators and users of Americans elect are sick of the political system not working and have decided to take matters into their own hands.

They launched an online interactive website in order to try and change the current American election system. By using online motion graphic videos they explain in an entertaining a very clear cut way, how the current political system is not working. They have created a system that allows people like you and me to; define the crucial issues, choose the candidates,and nominate a THIRD choice for president in order to form a balanced ticket. So instead of two choices and a lucky few…any leader can run for president. In the process of trying to change history and create a more fair voting system they have gained millions of supporters.

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Making a fairer voting system for the United States.

Making a fairer voting system for the United States.

Interactive History

When you think about WWII, you think of long war film documentaries by Time Life and long war novels. The creative agency Secret Location, made a much more interactive way for people to understand the history of WWII. By combining, video, photographics and motion graphics, they were able to re create an online documentary that follows the Allied journey from the D-Day invasion of Normandy to the siege of Berlin.

The site is an extension to the documentary series, D-Day to Victory. The site features interviews of surviving Allied WWII veterans. Users can browse through biographies, artifacts and share their memories of war. Younger users can live through that time through the reenactments and testimonials of the veterans.

D-Day To Victory Interactive Website

D-Day To Victory Interactive Website

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Interactive Video-Getting users to come back

This cartoon did an extraordinary job of encouraging user interaction as well as creating stickiness. The animator created a series of short interactive videos, that the user had to interact with in order to move onto the next chapter and see what happened to the character.

As you move your mess and click in certain ways and in certain areas of the screen, different events happen to the character. The events that occur depend on how fast you move the mouse and in what direction as well as how many times you click. You don’t move on from the video until you figure out the final event that gets you to the next chapter.

If the user eventually gives up or gets bored the video will play through in it’s entirety which is a nice touch so the user doesn’t get frustrated and eventually leave. The timing is just right though because you don’t realize this right away, you usually will get to the next chapter on your own.

Bla Bla

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