The Sound Files…

Ok so my title isn’t a bad pun and forgive me if you aren’t a generation X. However, I promise the post will be worth the read. As filmmakers and motion graphic peeps, there is always a need for sound. Some people aren’t lucky enough to know someone with a sound studio in their basement. Also, the costs can get quite high, especially when your newer and on a tight budget. I found a great post on the Indy Mogul YouTube channel to all the sounds your heart desires (well most of them anyway). They’ve got a couple of great videos on where to find free sound effects as well as free music. They focus more on films rather than motion graphics, but there are a tone of great tips on sounds, editing etc. it’s a great resource. It’s definitely worth a subscribe if you want to get into film, especially as an amateur, they have tones of free great tips!

INDY MOGUL free sound effects

INDY MOGUL free music list

INDY MOGUL YouTube Channel